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Cyber Civil Rights Initiative - Victim Resources

Crash Override Network - So You've Been Doxed

Equality Labs - Anti Doxing Guide for activists facing attacks

Doxcare: Prevention and Aftercare for Those Targeted by Doxxing and Political Harassment [Crimethinc]

Content takedown and removal

DMCA Takedown Request Forms

DMCA Takedown Request Template

Facebook - DMCA form

Instagram - DMCA form

Google - DMCA form

WordPress - DMCA form

Pinterest - DMCA form

Tumblr - DMCA form

Reddit - DMCA form

TikTok - DMCA form

PornHub - Content Removal Form

Reporting users

Twitter - Report abusive behavior

Reddit - Reporting a Reddit user

Instagram - How do I report a post or profile on Instagram?

TikTok - Report a User

Expert assistance

Carrie Goldberg Law

Civil litigation law firm representing victims of sexual assault, stalking, and blackmail - online and off.

Cornell Tech - Clinic to End Tech Abuse

CETA works directly with abuse survivors to determine if someone is using technology to harm them – and what they can do to stay safe. They also facilitate cutting-edge research to understand and address how abusers, stalkers, and others can misuse technology.

EndTAB - We help organizations keep people safe in the digital age.

Resources for organizations that help victims and communities stay safe.

Sex Work Solidarity


Hacking//Hustling is a collective of sex workers, survivors, and accomplices working at the intersection of tech and social justice to interrupt violence facilitated by technology.

Decoding Stigma

Calling for the inclusion of SWer voices in all spaces that purport to be designing the future.

SWOP Behind Bars

SWOP Behind Bars is a national grassroots social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of sex workers, victims of trafficking, and their communities with a focus on those currently incarcerated or seeking re-entry. SWOP BB centers the voices of sex workers and trafficking victims as we work to end violence and stigma by providing resources, community-building projects, educational programs, and advocacy.

Red Umbrella Project

The Red Umbrella Project is a Brooklyn based organization that promotes the rights of sex workers. We utilize different platforms and strategies to give voice to our sex workers. We encourage the safety and health of sex workers, and we also provide counseling and job assistance.

Digital Self Defense

DCRYPTD - Cybersecurity for the people

EFF - Surveillance Self-Defense

Beautiful Trouble - Practice Digital Self Dense

Changing your online behavior - Mullvad

Security Planner - Consumer Reports: Extensive list of guides, with a customizable security plan for your threat model.

The Intercept - Use Signal messenger without giving out your phone number.

Crimethinc - Affinity Groups.

Validating Social Media Content and Identifying Bad Information

Bellingcat - A Beginner's Guide to Social Media Verification

European Commission - Identifying conspiracy theories