Much of Cabal's work is public and come in the form of tools, guides, and activations.

Cabal members have had work published at DEFCON, BlackHat, REcon, SkyTalks, SummerCon, Hushcon, BotConf, KernelCon, ToorCon, South by Southwest, PancakesCon, Diana Initiative, 2600 Magazine, and more.

In the media, Cabal members have made the following appearances:

Non-Consensual Image Database

The Non-Consensual Image Database is an upcoming project that seeks to notify people when their nudes have leaked on the internet. The project makes use of cryptographic and perceptual hashing to index explicit images without ever storing a photo.

Hatemail Newsletter

HATEMAIL is a newsletter developed by Cabal. In each issue we collect news that we have been following on the topics of privacy, surveillance, ethics in tech, hacking, and online abuse. Read and subscribe at


Chanscan was a collaboration with Jake Creps with a goal of illuminating the language and slang used on imageboards. Cabal members contributed to the Chanscan knowledgbase, identifying and added context for hundreds of keyword terms found in conversations on imageboards like 4chan. Read more about Chanscan in this Twitter thread.

Museum of Modern Malware

The Museum of Modern Malware (MoMal) was a pop-up art exhibit held at DEFCON27. In collaboration with HUMAN Security, we worked with artists, hackers, and those inspired by the dark side of technology to curate a a breathtaking collection with top-tier talent on display at the world's biggest hacking conference.

Who Hosts Hate?

One of our members has developed a service that catalogs hate sites and the tech companies that support them. See more at