Fight dystopia!

Cabal is an international hacker collective combatting tech-enabled abuse. We develop projects that advance values of online consent, privacy, equity and liberty. Cabal plans to drive technology forward to better protect underprivileged members that technology underserves.

Some of our services

  • Performing security assessments for at-risk and targeted people to bolster their defenses.
  • Creating, curating and supporting community works that progress personal security confidence.
  • Monitoring pervasive threats online and investigating harassment campaigns.

Need support?

Check out the guides and resources we have in the Resources section, or reach out to us over email at [email protected] or our tipline.

Job board

This site pulls directly from our chats where folks share urls to jobs that seem interesting.

hatemail Newsletter

HATEMAIL is a newsletter developed by Cabal. In each issue we collect news that we have been following on the topics of privacy, surveillance, ethics in tech, hacking, and online abuse. Currently on hiatus, but the 3-year archive is avilable online.